Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Tues 4 miles....felt disheartened...haven't a clue why...

Tonight was tough.

Felt very disheartened after my run tonight..haven't a clue why to be honest...I have this thing in my head that I have to get faster and I just can't bloody do it...started off good tonight but then slowly but surely I start to fall back...and back...and back...tried running with longer footsteps but my calfs just went on strike...breathing was good but mentally it was very many times tonight I just wanted to stop ...chatting away to myself trying to convince myself not to stop...I didn't, I even ran up Ballyard hill whilst arguing with myself...great craic I must admit! Am I the only looney toon out there.....probably...

Wore a Garmin watch tonight...Catriona took me out running during the of my many running attempts..Decided to run walk a 5 miler on a sunny Sunday we go happy out..running then walking...started off running again , then I hear beep beep...beep beep..beep beep...what the hell was that?...every so often the beeps kept coming..of course I'd never used a Garmin before...not a mind do I not talk whilst running but it drove me bananas...I felt like I had a CSI agent beside me watching every move I make and watching my that turned me off garmins.. but Brian suggested I use it to monitor my I did beeps tho..4 miles in 45.03 mins...

I do know there are going to be good days and bad days running....and I've a long road ahead of me ( including hills! ).... I take my hat off to anyone who has done a full marathon...nut heads...and hopefully I will be one of those nut heads soon...

Am going to register my online entry thur...might have to drive to Limerick to suss out the route...loola


  1. Hi Annie, keep the head, you are doing great, unless you have a specific time in mind for you marathon, I don't think you should worry too much about pace, it'll come on its own anyway. Use the garmin to see that you are running solidly, as in all the miles roughly the same except for the mega hills. Concentrate on the distance and for your first marathon just finishing is great, you can start setting PB's after that.
    Personally, I ran my first in Dingle '09 and knew the number I had in my head was a very tall order (4hrs) i was very dissapointed when I finished in 4 hrs 23 min. Looking back I didnt enjoy my first amrathon because I was so focus on that bloody time. I now realise was great for a first marathon, but it took me ages to come to that conclusion (hindsight). I did make it under four hour but it was a case or third time lucky in Cork '10 (crazy buzz lasted for weeks).
    One foot in front of the other and keep going! Anne

    1. Your're first marathon time was fantastic..must get used to the Garmin tho...i previously used Runkeeper on the iphone but the phone was a bit annoying on the arm when running...just had a bad day yesterday and felt very down coming home in the car...but i'll buck up and forget about the pace, just keep the head down and run! if i finish in under 5 hours i would be over the moon even if it was 4 hr 59min 59 sec....

  2. Bad call. If you want to run faster, longer footsteps is exactly the wrong thing to do - that leads to reaching out with your foot, overstriding and a braking action with each step. If you want to run faster, take quicker steps instead.

    On the other hand, you are a beginning runner dreaming of a marathon. What the heck are you doing running faster? Get your endurance up first, speed training can come later if you want, much later.

  3. ok point taken, i'll try it tonight...i do find the pace fast but that was me thinking i was just slow...have never been athletic let alone running 5 it does make sense maybe next year i'll concentrate on speed etc, thanks for the expert advice...its appreciated

  4. some tips i came across:
    Don't go out too fast-start off running slowly, the slower the better. Most beginners go out too fast and then die too quick.

    -Don't stop the first time you feel like stopping- pick a landmark(tree, road, house etc) and run to that,..Don't stop the second time you feel like stopping...sort out your breathing and find another landmark to run to... stop and walk the third time you want to stop...This system helps you to push further and run further...if you always stop the first time you want to you will never extend your running times

    -Don't walk too far- when you feel you can't keep running, start to walk, but only until you recover(30-60sec) then run again. Never walk for more time than you run. If you walk for longer than a minute you will lose all that great cardio build up you did in the run section. You will never run the distance you want to run if you walk too much on you run. One minute is plenty of time to get your breath back

    -You will not run out of breath!-not will keep breathing. If you feel you are losing your breath try blowing all the air out of your lungs in long slow exhales(X3) then start breathing normally again, don't stop running whilst you do this. A lot of the time the running out of breath feeling is just panic-use diversional techniques to get past this

    -Don't focus on your breathing- it's going to happen whether you think about it or not, you don't think about breathing when you walk, try to do the same with running. However, if you want to know the ideal breathing technique whilst running is... air in through the nose and out through the mouth

    Keep up the training - Ger

  5. good advice...the out of breath paragraph is a good nose out mouth...i do panic when i run afraid of not being able to finish the 4 or 5 miles but about 20 mins in i start to relax...but i do seem to always run and never walk so that is a plus...


If anyone has any advice or suggestions please feel free to post, im sure there are plenty people out there like myself wishing to run....