Monday, 9 January 2012

First 5 miler:

Route;aquadome,Up Ballyard Hill ,past rugby club,turn right along back of Blennerville and back along the river.

Had to ask Marcus were we running up Ballyard Hill? No! Woohoo whehey!!!!!party!!!
That settled me a bit but it was still 5 miles...we start off walking..lovely jobeley, I even take time to look at the new viewing tower..ahhh it looks lovely... Up the hill a little bit... 'ok start running'... Shite you must be joking me,I'm not bloody ready you fecker! Ok had to pace myself... Christ I going so slow I'm causing a traffic jam with the rest of the group behind me...please let my lace open! Any excuse will do....

Ok twenty mins in and I start to struggle..I can feel a hill coming on (am going to call this fear hillitis from not on!)

I stop.....

Why?havent a bloody clue...I have a couple of excuses 1)didn't sleep a wink last night worrying 2)had a very upset tummy from the worry 3) mental failure..need an NCT

Ok I look to Catriona for support...she sees me struggling..'c'mon keep running'...shag off and leave me alone!she gets the hint and we walk for 2mins then run again..Marcus stays with us...gee thanks for staying back with the geriatrics...but I kept running once I was past the incline(Marcus would probably consider my incline a speed bump...oh I'd love to be a runner).

Ran all the way ... 5miles took 1hr 4mins. I was delighted.even-though I was last in the group I didn't care.

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