Monday, 9 January 2012

7th Jan 2011 2nd 5miler

Was looking forward to my 3 mile run on sat.even posted on Facebook 'looking forward to it'!...stupid eejit ..Marcus texts fri evening with the news of a 5 miler! Bloody great...ruin my nights sleep again! Wasn't on form to be honest...did my usual mileage during the week but with going back to work after xmas I was absolutely exhausted.

The run: great news no walking just nice Marcus..thanks a lot for ruining my life!

D-day:I had to run up Ballyard hill...shoot me now..he had the cheek to make us run from the car looking at the viewing tower, just head down and run...didn't see any ambulance men waiting at the top so I figured I had to keep running...again I stopped at the bloody same hill...

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