Saturday, 14 January 2012

Saturday run - 5 Miler- out come the new pants!

Well, I spent thur night running the 5 mile route in my when I went to bed Friday night- I decided feck this I have to come up with another tactic... So the mind starts to drift...z z z z z...z z z z z ran the same route again ..up the hill!.... Seriously since ive starting this training I'm constantly nervous before every run...and am not sleeping properly...maybe its the withdrawal from the Diet Coke woohoo 7 days off the black stuff!

Unfortunately, I sadly had to put my old running pants in the bin on was a year old, v sad day I must admit.... I had a bad fall off my bike during the summer and it was even on me for that but held up... R.I.P. pants.Had to wear the new ones around the house like a nut break them in..

Route: aquadome, up the blooming hill, past rugby club to top of road, turn right, past playing field into Blennerville,along canal and home

Got up this smorning,ate my rocket fuel porridge, didn't go down too well but I force fed myself like a baby ontop of a high chair with a feeding bib!

Was very nervous... Started at the aquadome, running of course .... Up ' the hill' ... Brian Hayden (other coach) gave me a tip last Wednesday to breath through my nose... so here I go... Had to focus on my breathing and the out in out.... Shite I need to blow my nose... Ok I'll worry bout it later once nobody looks at my nose dribbling...I got up the hill ...fecking great! Had to control my breathing again.... In out in out... Brian forgot to mention the tiny matter of bringing a blooming tissue to catch the debris! I could feel my nose flapping and it was getting worse! Catriona to the rescue...out comes a tissue like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat! If anyone saw me they'd think I was having a good poke....I swear I wasn't!Had a good few blows....relief...

Kept running, the next obstacle I had to overcome was the slow incline past the rugby club... For the last two 5 milers I've stopped and walked...ok had to focus in out in out ... Blow ... Blow (my nose !)In out in out ... I said once I got to the top that I'd have a break but I took small steps and I kept going and going and going.... Delighted...just needed to get past that mental block about that part of the route....I did it...woohoo...
Kept running and running at geriatric pace .... Sipping, blowing, and in out in out....hit the bend before the football pitch....saw the rest of the group a good bit ahead... Had to catch them.... At this point 2 sheep doggies decided to give us a police escort all the way to the end of the road! Woohoo company at last- event if it was of the animal kind....I'd say they heard the strange noises and felt sorry for me!!

I got closer and closer to the rest of the group- - delighted I'm actually running with people, real people! found the last mile tough along the canal.... Told Marcus to bugger off, I had to focus but alas.... I did it... Didn't stop once... I am now a 5miler runner... But a long way to go to reach 26.2.....

P.S. walked past Der O Sullivans in the afternoon and started salivating at the window!!! Would have loved a bun... But no, feck him for putting them on display... Bought a bag of Johnny O rings instead... Have been T- total so I deserved them!


  1. Congratulations on reaching the 5-mile mark.

    On to the 10-mile one.

  2. A milestone [or should that be 5-milestone :-)] in your training program- well done.
    The next thing is to say to yourself that you'll never allow that *&%$@~"! hill to conquer you- despite its best efforts, you've beaten it once and you'll beat it again many times more, starting tomorrow :-)
    Your challenge will now be to ready yourself for adding to the distance covered- use the mid-week sessions to 'acclimatise' (don't worry about pace- concentrate on breathing, good stretching and beating the negative mind-game thoughts). Saturday next, you'll be targetting the guts of a 10K distance. Running that sort of distance puts you into a new league and is a clear sign of potential and further real progress.

  3. Thanks Thomas, I'll try and do 6 first and then it can only go up from step is too focus on food for running....


If anyone has any advice or suggestions please feel free to post, im sure there are plenty people out there like myself wishing to run....