Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Tues 5k inclusive of pants falling down....

2 days off the diet coke....woohoo! Kathleen ( a girl who runs the office) is also a current advocate of diet coke...we were diet coke buddies..if I was ever running low she was always there to offer me my fix...those were the today I was scoffing back my brown bread ham sandwich ( p.s. I did have my lumpy porridge this smorning - pat on the back for me!) and then I hear the sizzle of the can opening....gulp gulp gulp... It was the biggest gulp ive ever seen ( maybe this is an exaggeration because my eyes were bulging with the jealously!)...I retreated to my pre-filled bottled of Dunnes carbonated water and ribena...feck her anyway...I'm going to leave a ransom note in the kitchen tomorrow morning in exchange for her diet coke...great Craic...I do work by the way!

The run: only had half a banana at 4 because the rest of it was black! Recessionary banana I'd call it..I was starved still...Marcus forgot about the walking again tonight...fecks sake...note to self:must remind him. I have this philosophy where if I stay at the top of the pack and dont let anyone pass and create a traffic jam things would be great! If I keep my hands in a star shape that would help!!!...loola. God the pace was fast tonight...was under pressure to control my breathing but I was determined not to fall back to the geriatric category...passing the tennis courts my pants starts falling down... What a sight with the passing traffic...cringe... Heavy breathing like a pregnant woman in labour and high waisted pants falling down!! Next comes 'the Hill'.... Catriona forgot her knitting needles to poke me up the hill so she threatened me tonight with a blow torch!!! Great puncture wounds and arse burns!! A & E would love me... Nurse would ask ' what happened?'...Me..'.just out should join its great craic!' stopped again (yawn yawn...) up that bloody hill, I will beat it. Ran fast down the hill but the pants keep dropping... I only ran fast because the feckers in front weren't too far ahead and I could'nt catch them...Blame the pants...but I bought a new one over Xmas and much prefer my comfort pants for the time being...made it to Aquadome gate and Marcus was with 'the new girl' and he states to her ' your did very well tonite,the rest of them have been training for the last ten weeks'.....but I think to myself ... Well feck that my previous life I never even ran across the road...and now I'm running up the road but I keep on running...


  1. Your anthem will have to be "Running up that hill" [Kate Bush] for the moment.
    Once the hill is conquered, you can pick from "Road to God knows where" [Wolfe Tones] or even "Road to nowhere" [Talking Heads].
    By the time you're an expert, it'll have to be "Don't stop me now" [Queen].

  2. that's very good - it's bad enough that she won't talk to us, can you imagine it if we asked her to sing!


If anyone has any advice or suggestions please feel free to post, im sure there are plenty people out there like myself wishing to run....