Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Monday 5k run inclusive of hills.....great is monday so it's a fresh start...I'm giving up diet coke and am going to start eating porridge for breakfast. Woohoo I might as well detox if I'm going to do this marathon.To be honest with myself I'm practically addicted to diet coke...I drink (or should I say drank-today is day 1-might set up diet cokers anonymous if anyone wants to join!) 3-4 cans a day...those 24 can offers in Dunnes are to blame..went into Dunnes sunday and bought carbonated water and Ribena (sugar free of course! ) Sunday night the cravings set in....the shakes..oh jesus dreaming about the fizz.....nuts i know but i loved it....I will do this.

 Porridge is the next implement (vom....)lumpy breakfast for the next few months - but I had to have it with milk otherwise I might as well join the nuns...
Brian (Hayden - he's the other trainer with Marcus ) quoted porridge as being 'rocket fuel' - brilliant I thought to myself...finally something that will help me keep running...happy happy...delighted with myself the cupboards are stocked with porridge...mmm if anyone calls to the house instead of tea it will be 'porridge anyone?'.

The Run:the nerves started at around 4,whilst scoffing my banana...will I ever be not nervous?? It gets pretty tiring worrying...I went to bed last nite and instead of counting sheep I was running up Ballyard hill....amazing I did it (in my sleep!..ahhh loola! Seriously!)Run started from the aquadome...I think Marcus forgot to start the walking part tonite!...maybe I might remind him that a stroll at the start is good for the legs...I'd say there's Bob Hope and No Hope!
Was fine for the flat part... little bit slow but like I said if Marcus let me warm up with a nice little stroll ...perhaps past the viewing tower...anything would have done! Then comes the hill...oh for gods sake what am I worried about its only a bloody hill! Thank god it's dark coz I can't see it properly...I stop half way up...shite...if only I was doubled jointed I would have loved to give myself a kick up my own arse!! Catriona (my support crew-thanks!) She threatens me that she's bringing a knitting needle tomorrow nite to poke me with every time I stop! Great, I love going into work with puncture wounds!! Loola...I get going again and stop once more....aarrggghh where's my knitting needle! But finally I run all the way home...only because it's downhill! must have some sugar free the way the porridge didn't work Brian! But I will keep eating a lumpy breakfast....


  1. Porridge is the job Annie- just stick with it!
    You just have to eat it at the right time (about 2 hours before the run!) and in the right quantity [the Goldilocks amount- "just right" :-)]

  2. thanks Brian! actually that make sense...stupid i know...ill stick to baby bears bowl so..


If anyone has any advice or suggestions please feel free to post, im sure there are plenty people out there like myself wishing to run....