Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Marathon Runner?Me?.....not a hope in hell

What I want to achieve:To run a marathon...

Me:33yrs old,overweight (not telling you my weight but I need to lose 5 stone),hate exercise and have never done any exercise....until recently...midlife exercise crisis I'd call it.

Ok all this started last summer 2011...I climbed carriuntouhill (can't spell it!) oh jerseys even the thought of it sends the has been the toughest thing I've ever was hurricane like, fog and was ill prepared...literally I thought I was going for a leisurily long stroll but in actual face the guide had to tie me onto a dog leash to make sure I got down the mountain...soaked wet,feet blistered ,cranky and starved(couldn't eat my Mars bar coz I was so tired....but I did it! (7hrs later!).would I do it again...definitely not!

So from that running started,did bits here and there but never really accomplished much to be honest with myself.I'm a bit like Fr.Jack from Fr.Ted..mad looking from the fact of actually doing the exercise and a teeth grinder from the fustration of running.I hate sweating(sweating=exercise) and I hate hills....get the shakes like a belly dancer....and the sweats again.

Have done all the quickie diets...none worked..a warning should come on the packet:'don't forget to sit back from the table'.so this time I'm going to convert from a jhogger to a runner if it kills me.

Nov 7th 2011 I decided to join Born To Run running group Tralee with Marcus Howlett being the head honcho.

Aim:Limerick Marathon in May and New York Marathon in Nov (to be honest Limerick hasnt got the shopping appeal like NY-but I will get there if it kills me (to the shops that is-Starbucks and Macy's here I come!).

1st day:oh christ what am I doing..the drive in the car takes 8-10mins from work and the legs start to jitter...must go for a pee but decide to hold it in.I have the gear on,sucking a glucose sweet and the mind goes ninty...5mins walking(ok that sounds nice) and 5 mins running(shite:is there hills?..I hope not).the rest of the group looks fit...I will do this. The walk was lovely then I hear 5,4,3,2,1 oh god here we go...shoulders gone on strike,hands clench and have to keep focused..can't stop on the first day. Keep chatting to myself to keep me focused but it's tough chatting to a loola.Marcus tells us that it's 26 weeks till the marathon...oh shut up and let me do 5mins first.What planet is he on seriously (this is the inner jogger talking Marcus,not me).

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