Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Tues 6 miles...amazing how a small thing drives you crazy!

6 hard can it be...well it was very hard cause I was bursting to go for a pee pee from the minute I got out of the car...

About 15-20 of us turned out tonight,pelting rain (dirty rain) and cold...I always wear a t-shirt going running as I tend to boil up pretty quickly but my teeth were having a great chat tonight....tonight's route was the same as last weeks...left the aquadome,down to Fels point hotel,back up past the aquadome again,back out to Blennerville and back the bloody same long road again...

Rushed from work this evening...even-though I'm only a minute down the road I still like to be in the car park a bit early to settle my loola tendencies before I go fear of being last is always there...but I am always last so I'm pretty used to it by now...the rest of the group thought they were in Cheltenham racing tonight because one minute they were there and the next they were gone racing out the road like race horses....and the poor ould donkey (me!) was still warming up enjoying the traffic and even admiring the doggie as I ran past...I will get faster one of these days but for now I'm happy out at my own pace...

Chatting away tonight with the two Catrionas,we were reminiscing on a cycle we did last year....wait for it...the distance was was a charity cycle out in Castleisland ....there was a choice of doing 150k,100k,50k and 16k....of course the latter was my sporting choice...16k seemed massive and the thoughts were how the hell can I do that I'll be fecked tired! Loaded up the bike in the morning,headed out to Castleisland with all the gear on...I like my gadgets and gear so I had everything...I'd bought myself an expensive bike before that to coax myself into exercise...I remember being so nervous and to top it off I had a flaming puncture when I took it out of the car...threw a hissey fit...I'm not bloody going cycling! I'm the type where anything could throw me...everything has to be in place....nuthead I know...a nice man fixed my puncture...phew...I needed my strength for my cycle...with all my money spent on the bike i hadnt a clue how to fix a we went very proud...pedalling along happy happy...I was knackered by the half way point with all the stress!got back to the hall delighted I'd completed my first big should have seen us...pulled the bikes up outside the community centre like real pros...whipped off our helmets...shook the hair a bit...gave a few puffs like real athletes...shoulders back...heads up high very proud of what we achieved!! Walked into the community centre starved...gasping for food and fluids...and we were the first eejits back! the shame....the shame....the shame....the grannies serving the tea must have had a great giggle coz we ate the ham sandwiches like we never saw food!

All I thought about tonight during running was where I could go to the toilet! All the water factors included: it was raining,we ran by a river and I was jumping over could I focus on anything but going for a pee pee! Was even thinking of stopping by the halting site on the way out but the smell of horse poo and the fear of my knickers being robbed put out me off! It mad how you focus on something that you know you can't do...

4 miles tomorrow night...woohoo looking forward to thur and fri rest days....


  1. hey there annie,

    I have been following your blog with great interest. I am hoping to do one of ray darcy 5 K in early April but i would love to run a marathon. I live in Limerick and will be watching at the finish line to see you coming through. Does your group have a jersey or specific colours?
    Keep up the good work

    1. no jerseys im afraid, we are not a posh running group! would love to to run with rays 5k to get the t shirt but it would interfere with my training unfortunately...thanks for the encouragement!

  2. well done you
    This will be my second marathon and it wont be the same as my first. I will always remember the feeling as i crossed the line after my first 26 miles. Ok I went straight for the nurefen to numb the pain but the feeling of achievement has lasted and lasted. Go out to enjoy the day and more importantly enjoy the next few long runs - that is where the real work is done. Best of luck with the next 8/9 weeks.

  3. thanks, ill be escatic when ive completed this marathon, might do a dance on the finish line if im able!

  4. Hi Annie,
    I am the Organiser and Race Director of the Great Limerick Run. I think what your doing is absolutely fantastic. Big congrats to you and all your group.
    I'd love to chat with you over the phone if you get a chance between all your runs and blogs... Our number is 061-609627 ... Again well done and keep up the training.. Crossing the finish line in Limerick will be very sweet!

    1. hi I did try and ring but every time I get the answering machine! ill keep trying....


If anyone has any advice or suggestions please feel free to post, im sure there are plenty people out there like myself wishing to run....