Thursday, 22 March 2012

Tues 5 miles ,Wed 6.36 miles,Thurs 5 miles...the midgees were out in full support!

Was on a bit of a downer after Sundays run...just was not a happy I had to get my arse back in gear...literally...

Loola thoughts have to go....I'm very good at putting myself down and having no confidence...running is very hard but I'm making it harder for myself by stressing and always thinking the worst....that's why I think running is going to turn me into a complete nut head! It's coming to near the end of the marathon training and I actually feel as if I'm going backward...

This week I had a change of scenery...tues went running around Fenit...being honest I didn't do the full 5 miles tues but I wasn't far I went running with Hazel and Catriona....for the first time I realise how important it is to have running buddies...they distracted me the whole way round with chit chat (yes it is a first woohoo!) and idle comments like ' is that a dog or a small horse' ( Couldn't figure out what it was!)...the midgees kept my occupied..I was doing pretend sword fights all the way round and the odd spit here and got into my eye and normally I'd stop but I wanted to keep going....c'mon I'm training for a bloody marathon I can't be stopping! fecking midgees....

This evening I was working in Killarney so myself and Catriona decided to run the 5 miles around the national was nice for a change...didn't seem as was pissing rain but that didn't bother me..I am a runner....even managed to crack a few jokes...very quickly tho!

Anyone who thinks of running as being fun does not know the meaning of it! The first ten minutes of every run is hellish every time....running requires an effort every time.....but I do understand and have accepted that for every run I have to just buck up as for me to avoid unnecessary disappointment and motivation meltdown...the after affects on bad days really just wear you down...but the good days outweigh the bad...

16 miles again this sat...I promise to do my very best....for me...


  1. well done on your mileage, you had a tough day Saturday but just look at it as a learning curve.You have only been running for a couple of months and it seems from the blog that youve upped the mileage very quickly. so this marathon should be a baseline and your next marathon should be your goal.Keep focused and you will be fine.Seriously your a tough cookie to keep coming back!

    1. A tough cookie alright! And it's definitely a learning curve,every week I learn something new so I have to stick with it,thanks for the encouragement!

  2. you go girl i promise you some day you'll look back and say i did it and be very proud.Ive my first long run this saturday also 15miles longest since dublin but as you say running buddies are great xxxx

    1. Weehay 15 miles! Even when other people say that distance it doesn't click that I did the same! Loola, good luck with it you sound like your well able, thanks for the input into the blog,roll on marathon!


If anyone has any advice or suggestions please feel free to post, im sure there are plenty people out there like myself wishing to run....