Sunday, 29 April 2012

Saturday 8 miles...1 week to the Great Limerick Run marathon...26.2 miles

Well this was my last long run...8 miles..easy peasy...

I started this mad running journey nearly 29 weeks ago...where has the time run a marathon...started off with one minute running and now I'm going to run 26.2 fecking miles...there has and downs...torment and torture...fustration and fecks...tears and sniffles...panic attacks and mental head thoughts...lost 2 1/2 stone...met people i never knew before...but with all that I've one aim in mind....the big day is nearly here and to be honest...I'm actually looking forward to very first marathon

For someone who started with nothing...and there were so many obstacles to overcome...I'm proud! I'm so determined to keep up running that I've made a schedule for myself for after the marathon...Dublin is my next big aim...and for that marathon I'll be aiming for a time...Then the Tralee International Marathon (organised by our head honcho Marcus!)and then the Chicago marathon in 2013...and hopefully so on...ok I won't be too cocky until I 'actually' finish this one first! But I'm a marathon dreamer....

Today I decided to do a 'solo run',myself and I......good company! My reason: well I wanted to do it for a confidence boost and more to see how I'd get on running a 8 miler by myself...just wanted to do it early also....

I'm an early bird do so off I went at 7.30...had my 8 mile route loop from the Oyster and back in the main road past the Tankard and home...

Initial loola thoughts were...oh god what if I stop...or want to go for a pee pee(I'd nobody on lookout!)...but it's only 8 miles so what the hell...lovely morning..sun blazing...I'm doing it for me...and was looking forward to it...

iPod loaded...glucose sweets in the gob..hat on...Vaseline on the toes...Garmin I go..

Started off by chatting away to myself about the marathon...I know I can do it...and i will...and there are no 'but what if'' thoughts whilst I run...started off easy...took me a while to get cars on the road,everyone was probably in their leaba's...ran out in the middle of the road..why not?!...I should be fit enough by now to dodge any oncoming traffic...hit Churchill...sweltering...didn't get any mental thoughts about the hill...just took it very easy..woohoo...panting like a pregnant woman I swing the corner at the top and just try to recover my breathing...ok that wasn't too bad...still hate hills...

Bought running earphones...but I decided to chop one ear piece cord off so I only have it for one ear...just to hear any traffic! it worked very invention I think...kept going towards the Tankard sign...someone's calling my's Charlotte! she flies along like a fairy...I told her to go ahead...refuses and runs along with me...she actually distracted me for a while coz she was yapping...leave her go at the Tankard cross and I head on my merry way to the Oyster...checking the Garmin I was on target...woohoo...

Was a bit worried about running on the main road...but how else was I going to get home! Hit the Oyster...and retreated back up the hill (more like a long slow incline)...towards Oyster Hall...I have one song on the iPod that I must delete...R.Kelly: The Worlds Greatest....fab song but every time the iPod shuffled that bloody song came on and because it's a slowish song I'd automatically slow down and scoliosis would kick in because it relaxed me too much! The mood and tempo dipped...a definite delete...

Ran down towards the Tankard...woohoo about 2ish miles to go...stop to tighten shoelace past the Tankard and didn't realise farmer joe(everybody who looks like a farmer i call them 'farmer joe!) was just behind the wall...nearly gave me heart failure with the fright...didn't see him...i jumped like a squeamish child! Waved quickly...gotta get home...was starved!

Ran the long road home...came into fenit by the grotto..nearly home....wanted to stop and walk but couldnt....knew too many people in the houses i was passing! very enjoyable run...Garmin said trainers are good...going to Florida in June so ill come back with luggage full of blisters...woohoo Vaseline worked...

Mid week:5miles and 5 miles (tues/wed)

Hhmmmm....a marathon?i am relaxed and nervous about it now but I'm sure electric shock facial expressions will start to appear around Friday or Saturday.....that is normal!

Next weekend:26.2......


  1. Good Luck, Annie, not that you need it, its just another long run! Glad to see we made your "to do" list in Milltown.

    1. Thanks Anne,Catriona told me it was a good race so im looking forward to it! if you could remove any hills that would be great!....

    2. What's life without a few hills to challenge us?

  2. Well done you should be so proud of yourself. You have made a real change in your life. I enjoy reading your blog every week. Best of luck in Limerick and don't forget to smile passing the finish line!!!

    1. Thanks for reading the blog!i will remember to smile but it will probably be like a father jack smile crossing the finish linE..dint sleep a wink last night worring about the marathon...I was very busy running all night!

  3. You've come a long way. Well done so far.

    Don't plan too far ahead. Chances are, when you cross the finish line next week, running another marathon will be the furthest thing from your mind. It will take a week or two to get back into it.

    Good luck on Sunday!

    1. Thanks Thomas,i know im forward planning a bit too enthuastically but if i dont have a plan im worried training will be put on the long finger...and i certainly dont want to give up so ive signed up for Cork...starting back training on the 14th but very easy sure ill be delirious after the marathon but im looking forward to it...

  4. well done girl your flying it. so right not to be worrying about times it will only throw ya off. delighted your thinking on you next goals positive thoughts allthe way girl. will be thinking of ya next week xxx

    1. thanks Mags,hows the flu?!...times dont bother me but i still have a plan to work through on the day of the marathon...Gota keep positive and no mental head thoughts!


If anyone has any advice or suggestions please feel free to post, im sure there are plenty people out there like myself wishing to run....